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Woody Campbell is a Renaissance man and author of thought-provoking books. See his latest release "I.O.U." A Candid Look At the Plight of American Veterans. His first book "Fade To Black'" which received critical acclaim is set to be re-released in the fall of, 2018. 

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This book is dedicated to the estimated Eight Hundred Thousand (800,000) surviving Vietnam Veterans who fought an unpopular war and came home to find that our country was not ready to welcome us as heroes.


This is the untold story that you will not find in the many accounts of the individual and collective heroism, tragedies and recollections told about battles of the Vietnam War. It is the mostly unknown story of the human tragedy and unending toil of the Vietnam Veteran’s struggle.

Now Available

Who are we? Who decided that we were “African Americans?” How did the world conclude that to be our designation? As children growing up we were called, with apparent acceptance “Colored people.” By the time the Civil Rights Movement was ushered in by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., we were elevated to the respectable status of “Negro.” In college, I saw us move to “Afro American” and then to the preferred “Black American,” which I thought represented the result of the efforts of slain martyrs like Medgar Evers and Dr. Martin Luther King, who perished so that we could be known as Black Americans. They died so that we could move forward and share in the fruits of our labor in America.

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For many years, I have been troubled because we as Black Americans of African descent whose ancestors had not immigrated willingly to America have been unable to settle on a definitive identity. Who are we? Who decided that we were African Americans?
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